Insight into Love

The ancient Vedic Astrology of India developed a very special way of understanding love and relationships: the timeless wisdom of the Ashta Kuta system. This offers a truly valuable and exact calculation of the deep and beautiful qualities that are essential to the expression and preservation of love.

The qualities it measures are so important. These include, for example: Respect, Friendliness and Mental Harmony and Balance.

The system also states whether the relationship is open to potential downfalls which may destroy it, for example: Needed Shared Sense of Purpose, whether it may be ‘tied to misfortune’ and whether there is compatibility at the level of the partners’ subtle energy fields: chakric energies of attraction, unease, or even repulsion.

This sound and trustworthy foundation of insight is coupled with modern psychological western astrology, plus a range of powerful transformational healing methods, in the Starwheel Workshops. See the workshop program at Read about Love Astrology and Healing Methods on the Blog.

About starwheel

I am an experienced and highly qualified astrologer, combing both Western and Vedic astrology. I offer birth chart interpretation, prediction, and understand your child astrology as well as relationship astrology. I also teach many worldwide distance learning astrology courses in both western and vedic astrology, complete with webinars. I also offer powerful, learned and caring worldwide distance teaching courses linked to healing modalities in the Ogham, the Runes, the ancient Irish Druid Path and shamanic healing. My visionary earthspirituality novels are available on Amazon. They are: Druid, Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki, Munay Ki Protection and my spiritual guide book: The Backpackers Guide to the new spirituality 2014. you can email me at or phone me on 077 – 992 – 96821. My websites include:, and and
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