What are the effects of Chakra balance or imbalance for your relationship?

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Chakras and Astrology: How does Vedic Astrology Show the effects of a couple’s Subtle energies on their Relationship?

This is not an easy document to fully understand, but the statement given at the start about what happens if a couple’s chakra energies are out of balance is very well worth considering. It is difficult to condense such a lot of background information into a Blog, but I felt the effort was worthwhile so that people could see that there is a huge connection between your chakra energies and your compatibility with your partner.

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The comparison centres on ‘Rajju’, which is one of the several facets by which the strength of a relationship is measured in the ancient Vedic ‘Ashta Kuta system’: the wonderful system of analysing the strength of a relationship in Vedic Astrology.

The Ashta Kuta System is based on the comparison of the Vedic Lunar Signs which the Moon occupied when each of the couple was born. So the system compares your Moon and that of your partner. There are 27 Lunar Signs. They are called Nakshatras, and these Lunar Signs actually do also correlate to the chakra energy system of the body.

For the purpose of this comparison, the 27 Lunar Signs are divided out between the five Rajju conditions: Pada, Ooro, Kati, Greeva and Siroh. If you look at Table C below, you will see which Lunar Signs fall in which Rajju group.

Basically, to keep it simple, I first state the very important implications of chakra balance or imbalance within the couple, and I then explain a bit about the basis of these conclusions:

1.  Pada Rajju:

Muladhara or Base Chakra:  If both the partners belong to the same group of Nakshatras of this RAJJU there will be incompatibility at this level. Two sets make up each group. In other words, if both you and your partner have your Moons in lunar signs 1,10, 19, or 9, 18 or 27, you have incompatibility. If you have Moon in the same set within the group, this makes the incompatibility worse. Hopefully you have sufficient Respect and certain other qualities to overcome this.

The Chakra connected to this level is the Muladhara, related to element earth. It is the base Chakra. It is connected with stability and stead­fastness.

Therefore one of the partners could become psycho­logically ‘unstable’. The person becomes restless and develops a desire to ‘wander away’, ‘drift’.

Consciously or unconsciously the person will create circumstances that keep them away from each other.

2.  Ooru Rajju:

Swadhishthana or Sacral Chakra: This RAJJU is related to the Swadhishthana Chakra, related to the element water.

It is connected with fecundity and creativity of the individual.

In case, the couple have their Nakshatras within the same group and same order there will be constant repulsion of the energies related to this Chakra and also the energies of the left or right side. In other words, this applies if you and your partner both have your Moon in Lunar Signs 2, 11, 20, or 8, 17 or 26.

This may in due course lead to sexual problems on the physical or psychological level. There may be a feeling of frustration. The subtle or sublime experience of sexual satisfaction will be denied. Gradually the interest will decline. On the mental level creative faculties may get gradually affected. Concentration may be lost. The interest in creative activities will diminish.

As a result of loss of concentration and application even professional activity may suffer. Eventually the material prosperity is also affected.

3.  Kati Rajju: 

Anahata or Heart Chakra: The two Chakras Manipura related to the element fire and Anahata related to air are connected to this RAJJU.

The functions of the heart, the circulation, the stomach, the digestive and excretory systems are related to the energies of these Chakras. The entire region from the heart to the pelvic comes under the Subtle energy of these Chakras.

If the Nakshatras of the couple are for example in the sets 3, 12, 21 or 7, 16, 25 they belong to the same group and same order. There will be repulsion of the Subtle energy leading to problems connected with this region. These problems may be connected with the functioning of the heart and circulation. There may be impairment of the digestive system. The excretory system may lose its efficiency. Appetite may be lost. On the mental level it may lead to states of anxiety, tension, feelings of insecurity, unreasonable fear and similar complexes. Loss of courage and confidence will lead to lack if initiative and hesitation in taking up responsibilities. Each one of the partners may develop some of these problems not necessarily the same or all of them.

4. Greeva Rajju:

Vishuddha or Throat Chakra: This is connected to the energies of Vishuddha Chakra related to the element ether. Being at the throat region the Subtle Energy of this Chakra is responsible for the proper function of the respiratory system. The functions of speech, breathing, tasting and all parts of the mouth and throat region are under the domain of this Chakra.

If the Nakshatras of the couple for example belong to the set 4,13,22 or 6,15,24 then they both belong to the same group of this Rajju and also the same order. There is therefore a repulsion of the Subtle energies at this level. One of the partners may find the conversation of the other very uninteresting, rude and without affection. The intentions of one will not be clear to the other, there will be frequent misunderstanding.

This may lead to serious marital problems. There may be a genera] diminishing of the efficiency of sense-organs and decrease in the pleasure of eating. Most important is the possibility of problems of the respiratory system. Since this is related to the essential function for sustaining life, this RAJJU agreement seems to have a special importance. It is possibly because of this implication some of the classical texts on the subject mention that disagreement on this level can lead to curtailment of longevity.

Though it is not always the case, we should certainly realize that RAJJU agreements have to be carefully noted and given due importance.

5. Siroh Rajju:

Ajna or Brow Chakra: The Chakra connected with this RAJJU is the Ajna , located between the eye brows. It is associated with the mind, the seat of emotions, motivations, memories, impulses, discrimination, desi­res and feelings. Negative emotions of anger and violence also come under this Chakra. Since several psychosomatic problems are related to the mind this Chakra energy is important for physical well-being in general.

When the couple have their Nakshatras in the same set 5,14,23 there is Rajju disagreement. The ruling planet of these Nakshatras is Mars, the planet of anger, quick temper arid violence. The repulsion caused to the Subtle energies at this level may lead to fits of temper and unreasonable anger in one of the partners. Consequently there may be violent incidents. One of them may develop the desire to go astray, to cheat on the other, to be unfaithful. Prejudice and antagonism will develop between the couple. At times there may be a compulsive desire to be promiscuous or indulge in extra marital relationship. Not only does the person who develops these subconscious behavior patterns suffers, but also creates misery to the life partner. The relationship begins to get eroded.

Since RAJJU agreement is related to planetary energies, the Subtle energies of the Chakras and the energies on the right and left side of the body some of the classical works mention that this agreement is one of the most important agreements.

 Now let’s look at some of the concepts underlying these conclusions:

 The Chakras or subtle energies are a Guide to Relationship Compatibility.

This document is based on consideration of compatibility of the ‘Subtle Energy Fields’ of the couple.

This document involves understanding of the following three Vedic concepts:

  • The seven chakras
  • The 27 Nakshatras or lunar signs
  • The Vedic Astrology Ashta Kuta System of Relationship Compatibility: the system of comparison of the lunar sign which the Moon of each member of the couple falls in 

1. The Seven Chakras:

Table A: The 7 Chakras are:

  1. Sahasrara                     Crown                          top of head
  2. Ajna                             Third Eye                     Brow – centre of forehead
  3. Vishuddha                    Throat                          throat
  4. Anahata                        Heart                            heart
  5. Manipura                      Solar Plexus                 stomach
  6. Swadhishthana            Sacral                           pelvic region
  7. Muladhara                    Base                             between rectum and sexual organs

Table B. The 27 Lunar Signs (or Nakshatras) are:

(this Table shows the Lunar Sign Number. now go to Table C, below, which shows which Rajuu Group each of these numbered Lunar Signs fall into)


No. Name of Nakshatra Planetary Ruler Range Sign
1 Ashwini Ketu 00-00-1 3°-20′ Aries
2 Bharani Venus 13°-20′-26°-40′ Aries
3 Krittika Sun 26°-40′-10°-00′ Aries-Taurus
4 Rohini Moon iO°-00′-23°-20′ Taurus
5 Mrigashira Mars 23°-20′-06°-40′ Taurus-Gemini
6 Ardra Rahu 06°-40′-20°-00′ Gemini
7 Punarvasu Jupiter 20°-00′-03°-20′ Gemini-Cancer
8 Pushya Saturn 03C1-20′-16°-40′ Cancer
9 Ashlesha Mercury 16°-40′-30°-00! Cancer
10 Magha Ketu 00°-00′-13°-20′ Leo
11 Poorva Phalguni Venus I3°-2Q’-26°-40′ Leo
12 Uttara Phalguni Sun 26°-40′-10°-00′ Leo- Virgo
13 Hasta Moon !0°-00′-23°-20i Virgo
14 Chitra Mars 23°-20′-06°-40′ Virgo-Libra
15 Swati Rahu 06°-40’~20°-00′ Libra
16 Vishakha Jupiter 20°-00′-030-20′ Libra-Scorpio
17 Anuradha Saturn 03°-20′-16°-40′ Scorpio
18 Jyeshtha Mercury 16MO’-30°-00′ Scorpio
19 Moola Ketu 00-00′-13°-20′ Sagittarius
20 Poorva Ashadha Venus 130-20′-26°-40′ Sagittarius
21 Uttara Ashadha Sun 26°-40′-10°-00′ Sagi-Capricorn
22 Shravana Moon 10°-00′-230-20′ Capricorn
23 Dhanishtha Mars 23°-20′-06°-40′ Capri-Aquarius
24 Shatabhisha Rahu 06°-40′-20°-00′ Aquarius
25 Poorva Bhadra Jupiter 20°-00′-03°-20′ Aqua-Pisces
26 Uttara Bhadra Saturn 03°-20′-16°-40′ Pisces
27 Revati Mercury 160-40′-30°-00′ Pisces

3. The Ashta Kuta System: Facet: Rajju: How the Nakshatras relate to the Chakras:

One of the facets of the Ashta Kuta System that is applied in the consideration of the compatibility of the couple is called: RAJJU.

Literally the word RAJJU means ‘rope’. The purpose of this agreement is to establish the invisible spiritual bond that binds them together like a rope tied round them. This agreement relates to spiritual compatibility, a subtle rapport of the Chakras, the inner energy centres of the couple.

There are five ‘ropes’ binding at different levels of the subtle body, corresponding to the chakras:

1.              SIROH RAJJU- at the level of Ajana Chakra, head region. 

2.              GREEVA RAJJU-at the level of Vishuddha Chakra, neck region.

3.              KATI RAJJU- combining the levels of Anahata, Manipura, waist level

4.              OORU RAJJU- at the level of Swadhishthana, thigh level. 

5.              PAADA RAJJU- at the level of Muladhara, foot


4. The Link between the Ashta Kuta System and the Chakras:

The 27 Nakshatras are then allotted to one of these five levels.

Three Nakshatras are allotted to the first (SIROH RAJJU) at the Ajana level which has governance over the whole body.

Six Nakshatras are allotted to each of the four remaining Rajju groups divided into two parts called ascending and descending order representing the left and right side of the body.

The Tabulation is as follows:



The couple’s Nakshatras should belong to different Rajju and different Order for agreement.

If same Rajju but different Order or different Rajju same Order it is average agreement.

If same Rajju and same Order there is no agreement.

Table 4. Here is a diagram linking the Lunar Signs and the Planets Ruling them to the Chakras of the body:


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