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On the day of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day, the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign. Ruling Planet: Saturn, The Reaper.

Of course, remember your Sun sign is not the whole of you. There are the Ascendant (rising sign) and other planets that need to be understood and taken into account as well – and in Vedic Astrology, it is the Moon sign that is given preeminence. The Sun is our egoic self; our ‘business self’ if you like. The Moon is our emotional base. The Ascendant is how we normally project into the world.

Capricorn key words:-

Capricorns are cautious, mistrustful, shy, reserved, private, insecure, prudent, serious, thoughtful, reliable, practical, down-to-earth, ambitious, status-seeking, reserved, sensuous, persistent, hard-working, prudent, economical, a concentrated powerful will, plodding, materialistic, shrewd, patient, suspicious, calculating, subtle, serious (if ironic), sensitive.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is the Reaper. Ideally what they will reap will be the golden harvest, but if their ambition expresses wrongly, it can be a grim reaper for at least some in their circle.

In its ultimate sense, what Capricorns seek is mastery: mastery to manipulate and order the stuff of the world: a kind of magician, a seeker after mysteries.

Appearance: depends on other planets and the Ascendant, of course, but: small, slim or bony frame, Thin fine hair, usually dark. Retain youthful appearance into old age. Serious expression

Capricorns have a persistent feeling they must develop something: they feel they must have some accomplishment to point to – property to look after, obligations to fulfil, &c. They seek a personal dignity this way.

They often have to carry responsibility, or experience hardship too early in life

They have excellent intuition which they use in their struggle to achieve personal independence and economic security. They love law and order. Everything has to be sensible. They usually consider all options before they act decisively.

They are steady and sure-footed and the quality of TIME is something that features large in their life: they understand he need to wait. They know it takes time to prepare the ground, plant and gather the Harvest. They can stay in a relationship when they have privately decided they will leave it, and they may have even fixed the day that will be best for them to leave! No time is wasted by a Capricorn – there’s no space for useless play or leisure. And of course, as a worst case scenario:  Saturn (the Greek Cronos) devoured his children).

Survival is their goal: they are more attuned to what might go wrong than what might go right. Nothing is taken for granted, least of all luck!

Capricorns’ actions are economically defined in order to achieve the goals they have selected. They are efficient organizers. Capricorns are never deterred by things that stand in their way. Their extreme capability for hard work is linked with their notion that success means material security, and they will work and plan for it. They feel that the world ought to give them something in return for the effort they put in. Capricorns have great faith in their own power. They are worldly and careful. Asking no mercy from anyone, they drive a hard, but often not unjust bargain. To them, the whole of life is a kind of deal.

They are extremely apt at finding solutions to the most difficult problems and they are very successful trouble-shooters. They are neat and methodical in their work and tend to be slave-drivers. They feel the household should be managed with precision, with everything in working order.

Capricorns are excellent executives and remain in subordinate roles for a short time only. They may appear as meek as lambs, and play the humble servant (for an ulterior motive), but they would jump to take the bosses’ place at the snapping of a finger, if the opportunity arises. Their gifts lie in organization and control: they aim to leave the world a bit better-organized than when they found it. Yet, they hate to delegate responsibility. This can minimize their achievement. They can be ruthless, but it is at its best the ruthlessness of the necessary, rather than from wanton malice or cruelty.

Capricorns want to be pillars of society. They pay great attention to things like good credentials and acceptable training. They are sensitive to the values and opinions of the world. The right clothes are important – never flashy, always good quality, the right neighbourhood is important. The right schools for children, the right social image. They find it hard to relinquish control, and must hold the reins. They are terrified of what might open up if they lose control (and therefore rule out everything that is fiery, exciting, mystical, awesome or wonderful). They can crush themselves and others by ‘What will people think??’

Capricorns never voluntarily take a step backwards: they move up by alternating security and ambition as their goals. They desire money. They fear being dependent on others when they are old – and Capricorns, in general, are long-lived. They are old when they are young, and young when they are old. As a child Capricorns may have difficulties with health. Their need for security can make them stingy and at times greedy. They tend to be melancholic and lonely. They can feel pushed into the attitude that the world is a place where it is everyone out for themselves. They want very much to be appreciated.

They are likely to have the gift of a lucid or direct writing style.

They are not particularly physically or emotionally demonstrative, which can leave their partners feeling rejected hurt and misunderstood, and cause breakdown of sexual relationships.

But they are compassionate – although they find it hard to display sympathy openly. They prefer to serve others by action or some sort of physical support, rather than by emotional support, because they are less comfortable with that part of their nature.

They are normally on their guard with people until they have known them for a long time – and they lose out in spontaneity and range of encounters, thereby, and they can therefore actually kill more ardent and romantic souls. Their withdrawal from social contact can lay them open to being very misunderstood.

They tend to judge others. They periodically suffer swings of mood, ranging between extremes of optimism and pessimism – and find it difficult to always maintain faith in Life. They will have periods of black depression, as a result of their Saturnian attitudes.

They believe they know best, which leads to conflicts both at home, love and work.

They look for reliability and loyalty in a partner, preferring stolid family routines. Family commitments are taken very seriously

Capricorns need to open their thinking to higher things, to philosophies, to abstract thinking, to the occult, as their mind-set can be destructively nihilist or over-pragmatic, narrow-minded, analytic or prosaic – and they are blinded and blinkered by their specific defined ambitions. It is as if they are conditioned to believe they will never have the freedom to pursue love or mystery. A reflective, deeply introverted soul – YET they are drawn to the occult. They seek to learn the energies which govern life.

As they age, and once they have ‘accomplished something’, Capricorns will settle back and develop the deeper more profound side of their nature. Indeed, their lives often divide into two halves: the first half is the restrictive or burdensome childhood. The Capricorn goat is frustrated or thwarted by his tasks, responsibilities and hardship (inner or outer); Capricorns often enter a voluntary bondage in their youth: working at a job they dislike, embroiling themselves in a restrictive marriage, or some psychological hair shirt – but eventually they release themselves from this self-imposed imprisonment: ambition will have been breeding in them an immense will. They don’t show their true colours till thirty or later.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn: this indicates big parental issues to resolve. Capricorn is very much about ‘the sins of the father’.

The glyph of Capricorn is the goat. The goat’s leg is crooked in upward climb: ambition; control and ascent. The goat, symbol of licence and lust, is controlled. The Babylonian astrological glyph for Capricorn shows a sort of water goat: a goat ambitiously arising out of the waters of the unconscious.

The Winter Solstice is in Capricorn. At the winter solstice, the new Sun is born. The Winter Solstice is the point where return starts after the Sun’s descent into the Underworld. In the journey of individual consciousness, it is the point of greatest contact with the Universal Consciousness. Collective wisdom has been assimilated. The individual begins a symbolic return as a transformed being. The Redeemer is born.


The End justifies the Means

Fanaticism  –  The Great Mission!

The Tyrant

Acting like Yahweh – authoritarian and dour: punishing. Grim. Baleful. No room for dissenters. Stern moral views and social codes. The interfering/improving friend.

Manipulates others to get them to go along with his plans.

Capricorns are so convinced they are born to be busy being realistic, that they deny their sensitivity, imagination, vision, psychism and spirituality.


Relationships aren’t easy for Capricorns. Control is too important for them. They hate letting go of solid protection. There is always that last special place they refuse to share in a love-relationship, killing love thereby. They are loners. They have ferocious pride, and their fear of being weak cuts them off. They won’t allow romanticism a part in their decision-making. All too often, they marry for money or security – they rarely throw away all for love. But they can develop a deep fondness and respect for their partner.

Most Capricorns marry early – this is because they are either looking for fathers (or mothers) or are trying to play the parent.

They place deep value on respect, loyalty and the power of the family bond. The sexual drive can be strong, and the physical nature basic, but Capricorns don’t trust their passions or they repress their passions. They can’t express their affections in a relaxed way. The irresponsible and the playful is often totally alien to them. They destroy or repress spontaneity. They repress all sorts of fantasies and spiritual ideals under the realistic/pragmatic surface. They shy at accessing their own emotional depths – until the dam occasionally cracks and all may be engulfed or destroyed.

Capricorns try to take charge.

They either act the parent or become the child looking for the parent, in a relationship: then all goes sour.

Capricorn needs to be thawed by the gift of love!

For the Capricorn lover, especially, life begins at thirty or forty.


Capricorn men can look for paternal qualities in a woman, then either sit back and let her ‘wear the trousers’ (especially if badly hurt in childhood) or rebel against her (because of unresolved rebellion against a parent).

Social or career ambitions may well be put before love. This can mean sexual affairs without commitment.


Typically, she is subtle, sensitive and perceptive. She’d rather use diplomacy than argue aggressively. They can tend to use people and have a cynical streak, calculating others’ worth. They can play the unseen power behind the throne in various situations.  They need to manage something. If thwarted, she may over-manage the lives of her children. Some live out their ambition through their man. If they do follow their own career ambitions, their feelings about themselves as women may suffer. The important thing is that, negatively, Capricorn women are famed for letting love and passion atrophy and die. Positively, they reap rewards of hard work in harmony with the need for love and family.

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  1. Georges Jean says:

    Nice insight into the Capricorn attitude with regard to relationship…! I went through hell with a Capricorn wife and it was too late when I realized her two-faced self.

  2. Maria says:

    I’m destroyed. My capricorn husband destroyed me, why?? I was a very healthy girl when we started hanging out, loyal, played fair, took care of him and his interests, accepted him exactly as he was, adored him. Yet he did not want me… He even told me. He said to me I was the only option for him so he’d settle for me period. He then said it was not true, he was with depression… He never let me go, I wanted to leavr a thousand times. This man is good in what he does, somehow he has managed to make me financially dependent on him, involved our two families. But he wanted me to be sad. He didn’t want to take a picture of me, yet kept pictures of other women. He hit on girl friends of mine and told me it was just innocent banter. He didn’t want to kiss me, embrace me , give me sex. I couldn’t escape. He knew I was getting ill yet he did nothing. Now I’m incapable of having sex (he told me I was a nympho and that I had a problem, so I blocked my sexuality), and I have grown myomas and ovarian cysts. I cry every day. I am seriously sick now because of his constant rejection and NOW he wants his sex!!! Even though now it hurts me!! He seriously wants to turn me into a Stepford wife, I’m REALLY scared. I have loved him more than my life and he just wants me to disappear as a person… I just can’t overcome this. I wad sexy, pretty, ambitious. He’s crushed my soul. I don’t understand why he did this to me, he said he was depressed, that he changed.. But the fact is that if I was sick I was more comfortable for him of sorts, more dependent. I am scared and I don’t think I have many years left, I’m dying on the inside, I can feel it. I am a Virgo, all my life I have been efficient, hard-worker, reaped my rewards… But with him. He was just rejection after rejection, all the time. I’m sure that in the end he really hates me. He prefers to see me sick and lifeless. What’s the point of it? I can’t understand it. It’s really sad.

    • Bianca says:

      As if you’re talking about my bf I’m a Leo female and I no longer feel like one , I tried to leave several times but he starts panicking and beg me to stay and when I do he gets worst and worst

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