Aspect Shapes in the Astrology Birth Chart

You have chart aspect shapes in your chart. Chart aspect shapes are a powerful guide to our deepest psychological motivations. They identify what parts of our personality work easily together, and which parts are so different that it is hard to reconcile one with the other. In other words, they chart and define our egoic psychology.

In particular, chart aspect shapes analysis is excellent for identifying which parts of us are split off: what parts act as ‘unaspected sub-personalities. The need is to know even the split-off parts of ourselves, so that we will not be driven by unconscious denied parts, so that we will not swing wildly from one persona to another, bewildering ourselves and those around us.

This processes of unifying our Self is called ‘individuation’ the principle method used in achieving individuation is called ‘psychosynthesis’.

Find out about the chart aspect shapes in your birth chart by having a natal chart reading with me. Alternativley you can learn about the whole vast range of the chart aspect shapes by enrolling on my wonderfully supportive and informative western astrology courses.

Here is some information about three example chart aspect shapes:
The Eye or Information Figure

This figure consists of two green semi-sextile  aspects (30 deg)  and   one  blue sextile   aspect (60 deg),   thus   forming  the small blue and green triangle called the Eye. This chart aspect shapes gives a wonderful and useful inquisitive, receptive and questing presence within you that is intuitive and observant or eagle-eyed. However, it is a very small aspect so your eagle-eye will tend to limit itself to just a couple of specialized life areas: the single House or two Houses in the birth chart that the figure takes up. It can indicate a ‘Sixth Sense’ or different facets of clairvoyance. You do, of course, need to be discriminating about what your eagle eye is picking up

This figure consists of a harsh red opposition aspect, and behind that five blue aspects which seek to create rest and harmony (three sextiles and two crossed trines). This is the person who longs to make a life a cradle where they can snuggle up and shut off the rest of the world. If the Cradle is at the top of the birth chart, or at either the Ascendant or Descendant side, it will of course always tip them out of the false security they constantly try to recreate. They are trying to escape from the true realities of life by snugly caring for themselves &/or others people. There’s lots of talents indicated in the blue aspects. The person soaks up the pain of other people, but others can’t get near them because all that happens is that they come up against the no-go red line of the opposition. Obviously many fates are not fixed, and the call is to learn about how the ‘cradle’ works and learn to turn it to the advantage of one’s self and others.
This is a rare chart aspect shape like a trawler net. This is the person who operates from a very fixed position and who draws in information or draws in people. It can be imprisoning and exploitative to others, but when the person learns about the ethics and realities of life, they can help those who they draw to them. Because the figure is so rectilinear and stable, beware the danger of complacency and being over-selective, thus living in convenient denial.
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  1. The charts are spiritual guides which also tie in with numerology and the tarot. It’s all interconnected with just it’s own unique type of section that signify a personal or impersonal archetype of being. .

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