An easier time for the mind and for relationships now

On Sunday there was a Full Moon in the Vedic Sign of Libra. For a lot of people the Full Moon can be marked by sudden outbursts where they try to sort out what they feel has become intolerable.
Libra is the sign of relationships, but obviously, exactly  how you will experience the Full Moon exactly will depend on what House the sign Libra is, and what planets, if any, occupy Libra in your individual birth chart.

And then the Moon entered Scorpio where we can feel a lot of imagined fears, stresses and intense conflicts. However, just see these as a test for the mind if this is happening in your life.

But today the Moon entered the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius, so now we will begin to receive a lot more hope, trust and expansion.

It really does help to be aware which signs the Moon is passing through day by day, on its 28-day orbit.

It is also very useful to be aware that three malefic planets are in a row for much of this year: Mars in Leo, Saturn in Libra and Rahu (North Node) in Scorpio. As the Moon passes over these three in the heavens, all of us will have our minds and relationships exposed to an eight-day dose each month of aggression, depressiveness and imagined fears.
Then of course, when the Moon leaves this belt of challenging influences, and we are all exposed to more uplifting influences for an easier three weeks.

The divine purpose in this is to become able to be aware of the tricks of the mind and the unrealities of many of the beliefs of our ego, so that we can root our life in sound belief and practice.

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Here is the chart for this morning, 9th May, in Vedic Astrology:

And here is the same chart in western astrology:

Or here is the same chart  in another western system, the Swiss Huber System:

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