The Kite Chart Aspect Figure

I thought it may interest people if I shared the meaning of the aspect shapes that are found in the Birth Chart of any person.
Basically the Kite consist of a ‘spine’ red opposition aspect (180deg), a ‘cross-piece’ consisting of a blue trine aspect (120 deg).

The top pat of the kite is two more sextiles (which form a small talent triangle).
The bottom part of the kite is two trines: blue 120 deg aspects (which form a Grand Trine).

The figure is thus completely symmetrical around the red spine. It’s a figure that spans the chart and so it dominates the life of the person who has a Kite figure in his or her birth chart.
What is the energy and meaning of the Kite figure in general terms?
Well, I feel people with Kites in their charts are very directed, so they achieve clear direction as their life progresses through its stages, but they can of course ignore those around them in doing this. I find they actually tend to use others to further their long term goals. It is calm, stable and seeks perfection. It outwardly radiates effortless charismatic superiority as it seeks to control and stuff down the tension that drives it. It can be selfish. It can be hedonistic. Ultimately, however, it is a gift to be harvest to benefit for self AND others. At its worst, it is self-obsessed and lazy and unethical. These people take a ‘clear direction’ so they reject or shed pieces of knowledge, or even people, whom they feel don’t fill the bill. So the gift of this figure: directed energy, needs to be used very carefully and to be clearly understood by the person. The key issue they are born to work out in this life is summed up by the ‘peak planet’ at the tail of the chart (i.e. the planet at the bottom of the opposition). Obviously, astrologically, this ‘peak planet’ needs to be evaluated according to the aspects made to it and the sign and house it falls in.
The opposition which is the spine of the kite, provides the tension to drive the person through life. The two blue triangles seek to solve the tension by creating perfection and an ‘ideal world’ (which can of course be illusion or even corruption).

As their life progresses, the person keeps switching even naively, between two modes of being in order to understand the energy of the ‘peak planet’: they EITHER work on their own initiative, working on the quality epitomised by the Grand Trine, OR they beaver away at the quality epitomised by the small talent triangle at the top of the chart by adapting themselves to someone else.

Let’s look at this in more detail:

In the Kite, there are five blue aspects surrounding one red one i.e. there is an excess of blue substance aspects. These are influenced by the pleasure and harmony principles.

In this Kite figure there is an ambivalent striving (red and blue colours) for further development. The right angles created in the centre say that only that which is long-standing and brings proven knowledge is acceptable. This must be tested constantly and be able to be verified by personal experience.

This person wants to know the meaning of everything and if something has become meaningless, it is rejected. He often goes from one extreme to another (red-blue) in order to know the best and worst alternatives, and then finds his own middle way.

In the small triangle there is more capacity for devotion and also often an artistic gift. Together with the large triangle, this makes such a person a hedonist who finds many things easy and whose needs are met by what is around him.

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3 Responses to The Kite Chart Aspect Figure

  1. Tess says:

    I like your interpretation, and the ways in which you break down the various aspects of the pattern. This is my first exposure to your site; I think I’ll check out some of your other blogs. I like what you have to offer.

  2. Alastair Crowley says:

    The Spine of my Kite is –
    Cancer Mars (21d) opposing Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn (22/21d). My Aries Sun squares both ends of the opposition at 19 degrees! I am pretty crazy. Mars trines Pisces Mercury at 22d and Scorpio Pluto/Moon…25/28d. Criminal behavior appealed to me once. It was easier than being honest. Not any more. I’m still wacky nutso, though. Insane in the membrane. Loving it…
    Having a Kite chart or Grand Trine is NOT an automatic win. Ask Kurt Cobain who will tell you “Sometimes you end up with a shotgun in your mouth!” With that in mind I’ll be FOCUSING ON MY HEALTH. 😉

  3. Aaran Sian says:

    Hi! Great post, this helped me a lot!
    I have two kites in my chart, I’m quite confused on how to use them or make the most of them, or how they work at all to be honest! If you could shed some of you undoubtable wisdom and your unique perspective onto this, that would be amazing!

    I have Moon in Libra, trine Sun in Gemini, trine Uranus in Aquarius, and then Moon opposite Saturn (sextile Uranus and sun)

    Then I have Ascendant trine Sun, Sun trine Uranus, Uranus trine Ascendant, Sun Opposite Pluto (sextile ascendant and Uranus.)

    Thanks so much!

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