Have a birth chart reading that combines western and Vedic Astrology

 This will provide invaluable insight into your spiritual life purpose and into the circumstances you will encounter in life: both at the moment of your birth, and at predictable points in time through our life.

Such matters as career, children issues, relationships and value issues are made immediately clear. The best path to maximising our potential at the different times in our life is explained.

Western astrology, when delivered by a trained and qualified astrologer, can so powerful depict our psychological nature and drives, it can also explain how our nurture modifies our nature, and thus the psychological patterns that drive us. It can give us this insight, and it can point the way to understanding and healing these patterns, so that we can become the powerful and genuine human being we were meant to be. It defines how we will experience the unfoldment of our life.

Vedic Astrology, however, is much vaster and much more ancient. It defines our incarnational life purpose. It provides a sure an accurate declaration of this, and makes an amazingly practical but spiritual explanation of the different life phases we will move through. Because it is so detailed, accurate and sure, it can provide such a clear sign post to the best path we should take.

This 2-part Video is a brief sample birth chart reading in western and Vedic Astrology. Michael provides a taped face-to-face or distance session and follows this with emailed reports in western and Vedic Astrology, then, as with all his clients, you have the opportunity for emailed questions and discussion.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U5wwHwSYaE&feature=plcp  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1TWsj2hi04&feature=plcp

Michael Conneely is the Astrologer at the Ilkley Happiness Centre. Contact me for astrology readings: birth chart, prediction and relationship, and to enrol on my courses at http://www.starwheel.co.uk, email Michael@starwheel.co.uk and phone: 07799296821.

About starwheel

I am an experienced and highly qualified astrologer, combing both Western and Vedic astrology. I offer birth chart interpretation, prediction, and understand your child astrology as well as relationship astrology. I also teach many worldwide distance learning astrology courses in both western and vedic astrology, complete with webinars. I also offer powerful, learned and caring worldwide distance teaching courses linked to healing modalities in the Ogham, the Runes, the ancient Irish Druid Path and shamanic healing. My visionary earthspirituality novels are available on Amazon. They are: Druid, Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki, Munay Ki Protection and my spiritual guide book: The Backpackers Guide to the new spirituality 2014. you can email me at michaelconneely@googlemail.com or phone me on 077 – 992 – 96821. My websites include: www.mastervedicastrology.com www.starwheelastrology.com, www.earthstarweb.com and www.druidforestschool.com www.rune-path.com and www.inspirationalnovels.org.
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