The Bands of Power are part of the four Foundation Rites of the Munay-Ki

Munay ki Bands of PowerThis Blog presents a facet of Munay-Ki. This is a path of great empowerment and vision and connection to ancient lineages, and we are now offering Initiations in Silsden, Yorkshire. See:

The Bands of Power are part of the four Foundation Rites of the Munay-Ki. The Foundation Rites open a deeper connection to our healing lineages, and strengthen and protect our energy field.

The Bands of Power was the second Munay-Ki rite I was given, In this rite five energetic bands – representing the elements of earth, water, fire, air and pure light of Spirit – are woven into your energy field. They act as filters breaking down any negative energies that you encounter into one of these five elements. They also expand while you are out in nature allowing you to be fed energetically by Mother Earth.

I found this to be a very beautiful rite to receive- very loving and nurturing and immediately felt somehow stronger and more centred in my being.Since receiving this transmission I find I automatically chosoe to push out the Bands of Power when I am in situations where I might previously have felt challenged by other people’s diverse energies (such as visiting my mother in her care home) or when I have experienced conflicting energies.  I now feel stronger and more ready to engage from a more heart-centred and authentic place within me. I have become more sensitive to nature and notice the cyclical changes in plants and trees more than ever. I linger longer in those places.

In the busy, sometimes over-hectic life most of us lead, the Bands of Power, are very practical and allow us to stay truer to ourselves as we communicate with those around us.

Please do check out the rest of our website for more info on the Munay-Ki rites and get in touch if you want to know more. We’ll be offering the Munay-Ki Rites in May in a five evening format in West Yorkshire.

See our web site:

and also you might like to look at this YouTube video on Munay-Ki:

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