Mercury is Retrograde from Feb 23rd to March 17th 2013.

Budha Mercury MercuryMercury Retrograde is a time for reflecting on what you say, being careful what you say, also watching the scripts in our life and the chatter patterns in our head. It’s about slowing down your over-stimulated nature, cutting down the trivia End unhelpful patterns of speech in your relationship, in groups (do you always go in for dominance games or disruption or personal effacement, etc? are you bitch?)  – and in your job: ‘for example politically correct speech in your work organization. Reflect and organize: manage the Mercury facets of your life now or you could be overwhelmed and let down. The last time Mercury was retrograde was early November 2012. It happens roughly every four months.

Most importantly, it’s also about leaving behind the unhelpful scripts in our head: the stories mainly put there in childhood, but also in later relationships and jobs or courses of study that just won’t be right for us now: like serpent sheds his skin.

Mercury is the Messenger, and he can go to the underworld. So, he’s the equivalent of Thoth in Egyptian mythology. This is the occult Mercury and it’s really important.

Of course Mercury is also about local communication, posts and travel: your car, your phone, passwords on your lap top or PayPal!!! We need to have robust efficient systems.

And Mercury Retrograde means be careful of banking issues and cash flow. Be careful signing contracts.

Mercury is the God of communication and commerce, he’s the traveller between the worlds; he’s the quality of applied intelligence that we need to use when we speak or do anything.

Mercury is the Magician because he goes all over the place and is dextrous and intelligent. He’s like quicksilver (Mercury).  Of course the real danger with Mercury is when speech is divorced from the Heart! Communicate from the heart. Now is especially the time to say sorry for things we said that were wrong or when we hurt people.

Just currently it is also important to be aware that Mercury conjunct Mars in the heavens (in Vedic Aquarius, that’s western Pisces) – so there’s potential now for sharp speech, verbal confrontation, aggression OR positively to learn not to do this. And Mercury retrograde can be good for focus, cutting out surfing the internet overmuch, deep research and deep organization, even editing.

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