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There can be painful feelings of hurt: Sun, Venus and Mars are conjunct this weekend and the Moon is in vulnerable Vedic sign Scorpio

The Sun is conjunct Venus and Mars this weekend in the sensitive visionary inspired sign of Vedic Pisces. BUT this is not easy. When a planet gets very close to the Sun it becomes kopa (Angry) and displays many flash … Continue reading

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Great News – I got the job! Hypnotherapy helps people shine…

Here’s an impressive post from Maggie Pashley about Hypnotherapy: As a therapist it’s always uplifting to receive feedback like the two I received recently from a hypnotherapy client who had been nervous about a job interview . The first one … Continue reading

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Tracey Wright’s Ogham stick sets

Maggie and I just bought one of Tracey Wright’s Ogham stick sets. It is lovely to be able to draw an Ogham stick for daily guidance, or for divination. Each stick is made out of the wood of the actual … Continue reading

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How Lord Shiva transmutes our Shadow

Shiva Churning the Milk Ocean March 9 2013 is Maha Shivaratri, the great night of Shiva. On Maha Shivaratri it is traditional to stay up all night, immersed in devotion for Lord Shiva, increasing in the mind in the energy of … Continue reading

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