2 Responses to Virgo Man – is he too picky and bossy? Starwheel Newsletter September 2013

  1. Jennifer says:

    I came across this blog trying to find some details surrounding the rare coincidence of another virgo who crossed paths with me. He is not only born same month and day (sept 03), but the same year! I know what time I was born but he does not. We haven’t officially met online, but chatted online. The yielding part is an accurate description, as the rest of the personality and character traits such as “critical of myself.” So my query is, would our union be harmonious or gloomy based on identical characteristics?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. LS says:

    I recently ended a 6-month relationship with a Gemini man who has a stellium in Virgo (Mars conj Saturn, and Jupiter). Your descriptions here of the shadow Virgo nature really resonate with my experience with him … and led to me breaking it off. I’m still grieving the loss but felt that his critical nitpicking was dangerous to my mental health and self-esteem. The controlled (and controlling my) emotions bit – yes, absolutely. As time went on, he revealed a much more paternalistic, patronizing, condescending tone over even little things. I started feeling tense and self-conscious about expressing myself, for fear of being rejected or scolded by him. Cold, withdrawn, moody. And the to-do lists! Literally handwritten lists, which initially was kind of a turn-on that he was so responsible and on top of things. Then I began to see that his list came before me. We once cut short an overnight trip to come back and rake leaves before the neighborhood pickup. Another time, I got admonished for talking to him while he did the dishes. He would regularly follow me around asking about a bag or sheet of paper I left on the table or counter. In hindsight, he exhibited many OCD behaviors and a rigidity that was very oppressive. Much more to say but just wanted to thank you for adding to my understanding of this complicated situation.
    FYI, I’m an Aries woman with Aries rising, with Pisces/Neptune/12th house, and Moon in Aquarius, so lots of fiery and watery emotional energy. Not going to be bossed around/dominated by anybody!!

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