Shamanic Depossession: Healing Cases of Possession by Entities, or cases where power has been stolen, or ‘curses’ implanted.

shamanic healing 2This is part of the Earth Star Web Certificated Distance-Learning Shamanism Course. This Blog describes a module within the ‘Intermediate Level’ of my EarthStarWeb shamanism course. It has a simple and easy to use core, clarifying what is a difficult area.

The essence and goal of the shamanic healing method often called ‘Depossession’, often called ‘Extraction’, is actually, essentially, to strengthen our connection to our True Self. Then, as a shamanic healer, it is next to learn how to help others connect to their true self. The method I teach is wonderful and manageable and connected to the Highest Good and to Love.

And the core of the method is the removal of negative entities from outside from our energy-body, whether these are entities, scripts, curses, invasions, disempowerments, energy-vampirism, etc. And of course this method does lend itself to Distance healing as well as face-to-face.

And always do, do remember that just as we can be caught up in negative webbing and energy fields, and just as we can be caught up in negative entities possession, so also can we be caught up in divine loving energy fields, so also can we connect to divine loving spiritual entities of strength or sensitivity and so on: the great angels and archetypes, the presence of loving people.

But to return to the issue of dealing with negative entities and to place the method and locate it, you do need to be aware of how the core method that I offer here, relates to a quite wide number of overlapping disciplines. And you do need to be aware of the pitfalls that have beset many practitioners who have fallen by the wayside traversing this vastly ancient path across the landscape of Spirit.

Like the other modules of my shamanism course, this ‘Depossession’ module is a ‘guided journey’ for self-healing. It is a learning of a technique for self-healing. But because it is located in the Intermediate Level of my Shamanism Course, you then go on to learn how to apply it (or how to apply one of the other methods I teach), to the healing treatment of another person. It is about learning to heal others, which is the focus of the final level of my course. .

I have left the teaching of this particular module, and also the module on ‘curse’ or ‘thought-form’ unravelling, to the last of all the methods taught in my shamanism course. This is basically because of the difficulties in setting the boundaries to each of these two methods. It is because of the need to disentangle it from the subject areas of other related, overlapping disciplines. It is because of the need to centre your consciousness on Love and Power in an area where there are pitfalls.

However, if you stick to the approach I define here, you will find this is within your capabilities to heal yourself, and then heal others.

OK, which other related ‘areas of work’ does my definition of this method of ‘Depossession’ need to be divided off from? The other areas include:

a. Mediumship: even demonology or exorcism

b. Space-clearing – clearing a natural space, or a building, of harmful negative entities

c. Counselling and psychotherapy – sadly many modern shamanism have larded their discipline with jargon in an effort to please the Counsellors, whereas in face the shaman’s methods have vast and great integrity in themselves. Equally, most Counsellors and psychotherapists are not at a level to accept or understand or identify spirit or entity attachment.

d. Illumination: this method healing relates to the wonderful method shamanic Healing method called ‘Illumination’ brought to the West by Alberto Villoldo, based on Munay Ki Shamanism, though it is simpler than this.


e. What dangers do you need to be aware of when you do this work? I draw here on my extensive five-year social-anthropological field study of  spiritual forms new to the modern West, and nineteen years of practice as an Astrologer (within both western and Vedic Astrology) and also as a Healer.  The dangers I’d respectfully alert you to are:


f. The Shaman’s Ego: so many of the shamanic Healers that are around are full of puffing up their own ego, and often they disempower the client thereby, and it does not help their client because the Healer is not connected to Love and power.

g. Lack of Ethics: there are those in the shamanic world who fail to follow the ethical framework, for example set out by Alberto Villoldo in relation to Munay Ki Shamanism: for example, to speak the truth, for example: to treat your protégés gently.

h. Lack of Maturity: the western world seems full of rather aggressive, often young, shamanic healers who strut their stuff and spout the buzz words and the jargon and are not self-aware or connected or loving, and are for example into dark power-over.

i. Angry healers: Healers who aggressively call out their commands or who dramatically fight with demons cannot bring you authentic connection to your essence.

j. There’s the whole area of ‘the glamours’, this can overlap into the showier areas of mediumship or the tackier areas of Wicca (sadly): healers who stare out at you over the rim of their crystal ball, strutting their dramatic robes and speaking as if from a Dennis Wheatley novel.

k. There’s the whole area of Passivity. Ego-fuelled Healers do not empower their clients; they leave them passive. I find this is also a feature of much ‘curse removal’ within Hinduism.

l. I feel you do need to be aware of the understandings of Karma. So many of the mental states you will be healing are the result of karmas. Sometimes karmas can be transformed and burned in this life-time; other times they may run for this or more than one life-time. Karma is real, and the karma a person particularly incarnates to work with in a life can be stated from the birth chart using the advanced methods of Vedic Astrology.

m. Entities: well, these range from the darkest and most negative to the subtlest and softest.

n. Mental Illness. My experience tells me that some people classified as mentally ill do have possession by an entity. But of course the cause of mental health problems is by no means only related to possession, there’s problems cause by mental constructs and turbulence and alcohol or drugs, just to Name a few. And of course also look for the issue of karma in this area.

o. how do you pick up possession by an entity. In my belief it is due to weakness. I feel, I must own, I was born with great weakening factors in the very roots and start of my life. Vedic Astrology wonderfully quantifies weakness by for example quantifying the strength of the Sun in a person’s birth chart and therefore in their life: ‘weak Sun’ (see by Blog on this subject. And Sun or Mercury conjunct Ketu or the lord of the 12th house or aspected by Saturn are clues. I think we pick up entities by having inimical energies to deal with from parents, by the trauma of soul-loss, by being too sensitive and ‘wide open’ (Moon in Sidereal Pisces), by being disempowered. There’s challenging Sun Neptune and Mars-Neptune aspects in the birth chart to watch out for too. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon brings potential for obsession and demonic torsion. Fear is what helps an entity attach, and so you need to be in a strong place in order to deal with entities: but not militaristic and proud! Strong but compassionate and grounded and calm. If you approach life from a fear-based level, you are wide open to entities invasion.

p. Is working with entities safe? Well, read the comments in the preceding paragraph, but remember, it’s the way you use the Depossession method that counts; the way you use the weapons. Don’t start a fight for no reason. Beware Duality and Projection operating within your psyche. Don’t go into a possessed person’s life or a possessed area with the mentality to take on any Demon that comes (Like St Patrick did with Corra and other Demons on the top of Croagh Patrick before he headed out to convert Ireland).

l. if I think positive thoughts, ‘raise my vibration’, and practice yoga or meditation, will that be enough to protect me? Well, I would suggest form my experience, no it won’t. You need to be following a Path of Fire like Munay Ki or EFT. Positive thoughts and meditation usually can’t protect you from damage and loss of power due to entities possession. What you need is a whole, strong energy field. Meditation can’t restore what was lost due to soul loss.

q. Power-stealers: Power stealers are a huge danger. The Energy Vampire or the Psychic Vampire is the person who feeds of the energies and life force of others and who manipulates them and gets them to gang with an collude with them. This is because, usually due to wounding from mothering &/or fathering, the Power-Stealer is actually unable to develop their own energy, so they are obsessionally driven to go outside to feed off others, to manipulate others, to lead attacks of ‘my gang versus the declared enemy (of the moment). They do this because of lack of connection to their own personal power. Power stealers purposely steal others’ energy and use other people for energy. It is dangerous to even be in their company or mentally connected to them. Do not pay attention to them. And the problem is that contemporary spirituality is mainly transmitted through groups and centres, so when a Power Stealer leads a group or a centre, they will gang with aggressive peers and feed of weaker people, and this is so dangerous.

r. And there are astrological signatures for this sort of ghastly demonic phenomenon:

The 8th house is where we go beyond our own boundaries; die to self and can be re-born. People with Uranus in the 8th House for example can endlessly transmit destructive sourness and irritation.

The way to deal with 8th house emerges is to follow a spiritual path: just as the lotus blooms out of the mud, just as light can be seen because of darkness, the energies of the 8th house can be the good and powerful magical and shamanic person.

Rahu (The North Node of the Moon) is a obsessional twisted demonic energy in the chart of each of us (but of course the Nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology are our deepest darkness, and because Hinduism is tantric, everything is potentially connective to the Divine if only we can see it’s nature correctly, so that ‘out of darkness, light’, the Nodes of  the Moon are actually treated as the key to our incarnational life purpose in the reading of our Vedic birth chart.

Neptune can spread illusion and denial

Pluto in our chart can spell intensity and invasion.

s. Ghosts: at the time of death some people did not choose to cross over to the other side and they stay trapped and bound to the earth, and they can be sensed occupying people and places and buildings.

t. Webbing: We can have the imprint of a web burned into our body or mind. It often comes from ancestors or family members, and from Power Stealers: please read the section on these above. These webs can be seen or sensed during a Depossession healing, and can be removed, and the vacant cleansed part of the client’s energy body then flooded with love and power instead.

Incidentally, one of the roles of the Shamanic Healer is actually that of psychopomp. The shamanic healer journeys into the body-cells, energy body and consciousness of the client and brings to the light entities that have lodged, curses that have been implanted. The shamanic healer may work with his guides and power animals to do this psychopomp descent, but always the Healing must end with Illumination from a place of love and empowerment (see below).

As shamans, we sense for the problem and its location in the client’s energy-body, we suck out the negative entity or energy and we replace it with light, love and strength, and usually gift to the client the energy of a power animal or archetype to strengthen and guide them.

But to do this, do note that we must be strong and protected ourselves!

And it will often be right to give the client positive tools to help them move cleanly and positively forwards, afterwards. I personally recommend EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which changes scripts that have been built into the cells of the body and by using the body’s energy-meridians, implants new positive scripts.

And I also totally recommend Munay ki Shamanism. Munay Ki is a ‘path of fire’ it is strong and positive as well as connected to Source and to Love. We offer the initiations of Munay Ki Shamanism. See our website: and we offer and teach Illumination Healing.

So, what are the tools I use personally in the shamanic Healing method often called Depossession?

Obviously this is only a summary, and for the full sharing, please see details of our Certificated Distance Learning Course in Shamanic Healing on our website: Do get in touch if you would like to enrol on the course. But the main outline of my method, whether healing yourself or another, is as follows:

I would recommend that you first cleanse yourself and the area by smudging, then connect to everything of sacred power in the cosmos by calling the directions and creating personal sacred space. Then drum or rattle to disperse negative energies and create connection and raised consciousness. Call on your Helpers. Ask any questions; listen for answers. Give thanks for the Healing that will happen.

Next, track your body or your chakras for imprints. There are different ways of doing this: energetic sensing, visionary, etc.

Next extract the possession or negative entity, this can be done visually or by sucking or spitting out.

Maybe implant a Power Animal or Archetype

Illuminate the cleansed chakra or are with love light and power, maybe drawing on that form your Crown Chakra

Talk to the client if is is a case of your working with someone else rather than yourself.

Close sacred space and directions


About starwheel

I am an experienced and highly qualified astrologer, combing both Western and Vedic astrology. I offer birth chart interpretation, prediction, and understand your child astrology as well as relationship astrology. I also teach many worldwide distance learning astrology courses in both western and vedic astrology, complete with webinars. I also offer powerful, learned and caring worldwide distance teaching courses linked to healing modalities in the Ogham, the Runes, the ancient Irish Druid Path and shamanic healing. My visionary earthspirituality novels are available on Amazon. They are: Druid, Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki, Munay Ki Protection and my spiritual guide book: The Backpackers Guide to the new spirituality 2014. you can email me at or phone me on 077 – 992 – 96821. My websites include:, and and
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