Have an Aura Reading from Helen Hamilton: The Anatomy of Your Aura

ImageI cannot recommend the healing power of Helen Hamilton’s Aura Readings highly enough. They are life-changing. Her spiritual insight is profound. Here is a blog on The Anatomy of Your Aura:

The Aura is our own individual energetic fingerprint and can tell us much about ourselves. There are seven basic layers (or “bodies”) that make up the aura. Each layer surrounds the previous one and in fact occupies the same time and space. Each layer also has progressively finer and higher vibrations and is more challenging to perceive.

Each of us tends to live in certain bodies or auric layers more than others, our individual consciousness identifies with whichever stage of development we are at. So at first we believe we are the physical body only and so our consciousness is totally trapped in the etheric and physical body. As we grow through life then we begin to realise we have a mind and emotions and we gradually withdraw consciousness from total identification with the physical body only.

The process of reaching Enlightenment, or Self-Realisation, is a journey up through the auric layers and back down again (although some people seem to do both processes at once). When our consciousness reaches the Celestial and Ketheric Template layers we realise we are Divinity itself; we are consciousness, Spirit or Formless. Our individual consciousness and separate identities merge back into the Oneness and we know we are beyond birth, death and suffering.

The second stage is to bring that unity consciousness or “state” of Oneness back down through the auric layers so that it can express itself through the physical body and in the world. Some people do not seem to ever complete this step, or can get stuck in perceiving the world as simply illusion. Our Realisation of Truth is not complete and we are not whole until we can function at this level in the world.

This is the stage where we have to work through and release all conditioning or Karmic patterns from this lifetime and others. Once each auric body has been “raised” to this level of God Consciousness it takes on a gold hue to it just like the Ketheric template layer and in fact the aura can be seen to be becoming simply one layer.

The aura can tell us much about ourselves. Each layer can have holes (where it has been damaged or ruptured) by physical, emotional or spiritual incidents or traumas from this life or previous ones. Each layer can also have tears or leaks that “leak” energy into the two layers either side of that layer. This affects the overall system as the layers surrounding the one with the holes or tears sometimes have to compensate and provide more energy to the whole system as a result.

By looking at the layers and the colours seen in the layers we can see how we still need to heal and what we can do to help our spiritual growth. Below is a basic description of the auric bodies or layers:

The Etheric Layer: 
This is the first body of the aura and surrounds and penetrates the physical body. It can be thought of as an intermediary between energy and matter. This body forms the vital network of energy patterns that becomes the matrix upon which the physical body is formed.

Sparks of blue and white light can be seen to move along this layer as it nourishes the physical body with its vital energy. This body is usually light blue or grey, the sensitive person will have a blue etheric body; whereas the athletic person will have a grey etheric body.

All the organs and tissues of the physical body are present in this body as a kind of energetic blue print form. Sometimes potential health issues and challenges with the body can be seen here.

This body is associated with the root chakra and governs our drive towards pleasure and to avoid pain. It handles our physical functioning, along with our autonomic and automatic functioning. It helps us to see our deepest unconscious or primitive self and is the place for the integration of the male and female energies and the Kundalini. This body and chakra governs our survival consciousness and basic needs. 

The Emotional Layer

This is the second body of the aura and surrounds and interpenetrates the Etheric and physical bodies. It is finer and higher vibration than the etheric and physical body and is made up of rainbow colour clouds that are in constant motion in a healthy emotional body.

Positive, happy or energetic emotions such as passion and love give bright and clear patterns in this layer; by contrast confusing or painful emotions produce dark static/slow moving clouds.

This body is associated with the sacral chakra and governs our emotions, feelings, and our ability to be passionate, intimate and manages our sexuality and sexual appetites. This layer and chakra also control our creativity in all its forms. 

Mental Layer 
This is the third layer and penetrates and surrounds the emotional, etheric and physical bodies. It is usually a bright yellow colour when healthy and expands when we are thinking deeply or pondering something.

Within this body can be seen small bundles of energy that are thought forms. Thoughts we think repeatedly show up in this body and gather energy and momentum of their own. The thought form will also have a colour linked to it from the emotional body, indicating how we feel about that belief, opinion or thought.

The mental body is associated with the solar plexus chakra and governs our mental processes, beliefs and ideals. In most people this body can be over stimulated as we tend to think obsessively.

The solar plexus chakra governs our chi, life force or prana levels; controls our will power, psychic intuition and knowing. 

These three bodies are concerned with the physical world and the higher four bodies are based on the spiritual world.

Astral Layer 
This is the fourth body of the aura and surrounds and interpenetrates all the previous bodies. It is beautifully composed of clouds of colours, similar to the emotional layer, but infused with the rose colour of love.

In our interactions with people we can feel what is happening in this layer in a deep way. We can literally feel it when the relationship is stormy and when someone has taken from us energetically. The opposite is also true here and when we love and giving energy can be seen to be going from our astral body to the other person.

The astral body governs our ability to give and receive love, both on a personal level and love for the whole of humanity. This layer is associated with the heart chakra, which can be seen to form chords between ourselves and those that we love. The heart chakra is our gateway to the non-linear world of Spirit. 

Etheric Template Layer

This layer is the blueprint for all the forms that exist on the physical plane; it gives energy and substance to the etheric body and as such provides support for the physical body. The Etheric Template body is the fifth layer of the aura and is even finer and higher vibrations than all the preceding bodies which it encompasses.

This body is seen as a cobalt blue colour with fine lines running through it.

This body is associated with the throat chakra and governs our ability to know and express our highest truth in this lifetime, or Dharma. 

Celestial Layer

This is the sixth layer of the aura and is the body in which we can experience spiritual joy and ecstasy through methods such as meditation or other practices. When we are able to access this body on a regular basis through our spiritual growth a connection is made between this body and the astral body and we have an ability to love unconditionally. Our love then pours out through the heart chakra to all of creation.

This body shows us that we are connected with the entire universe and the Divine; this is the level of Being. We feel our Oneness with all of creation.

The Celestial Body corresponds to the third eye chakra and is seen as beautiful pastel colours and has a shimmering, opalescent quality to it. 

Ketheric Template Layer

This is the seventh layer and highest vibration of all. It has quite a tough outer edge and can extend out infinitely in a person who has reached advanced levels of spiritual growth. This body is shaped like an egg and is seen as a golden shimmering or pulsating colour. 

This layer of the aura connects the Kundalini channel which runs up the spine and connects all the chakras together.

This body holds a record of the individual soul’s journey and plan for this lifetime, as well as “bands” that correspond to previous lifetimes.

The Ketheric Template layer is sometimes called the Causal layer also and holds together all the other layers or bodies. This body is associated with the crown chakra. 

For details of Helen Hamilton’s powerful spiritual advice and aura readings, see: http://www.earthstarweb.com/aura-readings.html

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