Powerful weaving of true story, pagan legend and healing meditations

DRUID NOVEL COVER FINALThis is an amazing novel. It is packed with layers of spirituality but always easy to read. In one way, it calls for the restoration of the goddess Corra to Ireland’s Holy Mountain Croagh Patrick: this was originally Corra’s Mountain before Saint Patrick banished her to the Lough below. But there’s many layers. This book is so rich and liberating. It is a book for awakening and Unity. It is personal and speaks to humanity. It is full of spiritual treasures and draws on the author’s immense knowledge and therapeutic experience. Spiritual Insights, truths and creative guidance. It works on many levels.
Powerful weaving of true story, pagan legend and healing meditations. Do you believe in Magick? You will after reading this – it is our birthright and our collective mission to make this a reality in our world. The time is NOW.

It throws out rote scripted Druid ritual and calls for Invocation of the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish and connection to the energies of Source that are the true goal of Druid Path.
It is deeply touching, infusing the divine, love for our Earth, ourselves and each other. I believe this should and will be made into a film!!! Michael Conneely is the modern day MERLIN!!!
There’s twin flame recognition going on and balancing of male and female energies in men and women. The book is about how Finn and Aislinn are equal and work  together. The Wisdom Keepers in the book only expected Finn, but he turned up with Aislinn and they need to be together – for the bringing of God and Goddess back to Ireland’s Holy Mountain.  Unity! Maybe their invocations there will weave together in infinity symbol – with centre around the chapel of Saint Patrick on the Mountain top.

It’s also a fascinating love story which compels the reader to go from cover to cover without stop. There’s a past life journey and the story spans four thousand years. And central in the story is the decency and spiritual power of the Druid Forest School itself.


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I am an experienced and highly qualified astrologer, combing both Western and Vedic astrology. I offer birth chart interpretation, prediction, and understand your child astrology as well as relationship astrology. I also teach many worldwide distance learning astrology courses in both western and vedic astrology, complete with webinars. I also offer powerful, learned and caring worldwide distance teaching courses linked to healing modalities in the Ogham, the Runes, the ancient Irish Druid Path and shamanic healing. My visionary earthspirituality novels are available on Amazon. They are: Druid, Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki, Munay Ki Protection and my spiritual guide book: The Backpackers Guide to the new spirituality 2014. you can email me at michaelconneely@googlemail.com or phone me on 077 – 992 – 96821. My websites include: www.mastervedicastrology.com www.starwheelastrology.com, www.earthstarweb.com and www.druidforestschool.com www.rune-path.com and www.inspirationalnovels.org.
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