The Mercury Retrograde effect

aquarius 3Mercury is retrograding at the moment from 7 June to 1st July. It’s in the Vedic or sidereal sign of Gemini. And it’s on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer in Western astrology.

The word Retrograde means that a planet has apparent backward motion in the heavens.

But you might like to note that according to Vedic astrology, the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ effect is not actually finished with until Mercury gets back to its pre-retrogradation position, i.e. on 16th July.

In fact, you might like to take a note of the Mercury Retrograde effects in your life during these dates. This could be interesting!!!

When Mercury is retrograde we are more liable to problems and confusions and losses, in matters of communication, emails, organisation, post and speech and issues. The divine purpose of this ‘effect’ is to make us more aware and careful of Mercury issues.

If you take a note this time, like I suggest, you can decide for your self what the rules are for the timing: i.e. for the start, the turning point and the end of the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon.

Take a note also of the life-lessons that were presented to you.

I have definitely noticed from many people’s lives, that the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ effect actually starts the day before the Retrogradation, i.e. when Mercury is stationary, before it turns retrograde.

And I have definitely also noticed that the western astrology definition that the Mercury Retrograde effect is over, the moment Mercury turns direct, is actually wrong. The truth of the matter is the Vedic astrology definition, namely that the Mercury Retrograde is only over when Mercury gets back to its pre-retrogradation position.

This is just one piece of comparison of the difference between western and Vedic astrology. My readings combine the two.

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