Invoking the Dagda

croagh-patrick-rolling-sunThe Dagda is the powerful and generous Good God of the ancient Irish.

Have a look at these two Videos:

Priestess Moryanna, Lynda Haigh Invokes the Dagda and the talks about her experience.

Moryanna invokes his much-needed, generous, larger-than-life energy into our lives.

Also go to the Druid Forest School Website: where you can see details of our support to help you invoke many Goddesses and Gods and celebrate the ancient festivals in an informed and powerful way.

Have a chat with Lynda to find out how joining her on the course can help you.

During the course you also get expert help from your natal and predictive astrology – both western astrology and Vedic astrology – from Michael Conneely.

The main goal of the Druid Forest School is to restore the Goddess and the God to Croagh Patrick Mountain. Saint Patrick exorcised the summit when he did his forty days fast in the early 5th Century before he went on to Convert Ireland to the Catholic Church. He did so much damage. Due to him, the Irish lost their religion, their children in many instances, their language and their sovereignty. The Druid Forest School aims to return Corra and Llugh to the Mountain. Read Michael Conneely’s novel ‘Druid’ all about this  – available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle.

About starwheel

I am an experienced and highly qualified astrologer, combing both Western and Vedic astrology. I offer birth chart interpretation, prediction, and understand your child astrology as well as relationship astrology. I also teach many worldwide distance learning astrology courses in both western and vedic astrology, complete with webinars. I also offer powerful, learned and caring worldwide distance teaching courses linked to healing modalities in the Ogham, the Runes, the ancient Irish Druid Path and shamanic healing. My visionary earthspirituality novels are available on Amazon. They are: Druid, Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki, Munay Ki Protection and my spiritual guide book: The Backpackers Guide to the new spirituality 2014. you can email me at or phone me on 077 – 992 – 96821. My websites include:, and and
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One Response to Invoking the Dagda

  1. Anne Lee says:

    Hi Michael,   Everything was beautiful about Linda’s invoking of Dagda EXCEPT the imaginary of the fattened pig for slaughter and pig roasting in a pit!  Why doesn’t modern Druidism honor and protect all life?  Why is some life seemingly more important than others – isn’t that egocentric?  Love doesn’t distinguish between those who deserve and those who do not.  Love is for ALL, One love, Divine love.  Why perpetuate the cruel suffering?   Anne

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