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Shamanic Dance – Visionary Group

We are holding another shamanic dance session at Nel and Martin’s House on Tuesday 9th September at 6pm. This is powerful vision, strength and empowerment. Guiding inspiration and beauty. This is a fortnightly very special group, and we also work … Continue reading

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Now is a good time to join the Druid Forest School

Enrol Now: Prepare for Samhain 2014 Now is a good time to enrol on the Festivals Course of the Druid Forest School: to get ready for the start of the Ancient Irish Festivals Year. As a build-up to the first … Continue reading

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Eihwaz The Rune of the Yew Tree

Three Questions that will show if the rune Eihwaz is calling to you at this time. If you wish to learn deeply about the runes, then join my rune course. Here are the questions: Q: Is it time to cooperate … Continue reading

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The Runes are such powerful transformative magic : Gera the Rune of Harvest

Gera is the 12th Rune of the Futhark, the Runic Alphabet. It is the rune of Harvest. Gera is in the second Aett, or group of eight runes, which works with developing the right perception we need to take us … Continue reading

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Testimonial to Join My Ogham Course : Worldwide Distance Learning The Celtic Tree Alphabet

Here is a much valued and deeply appreciated Testimonial I have just received from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA, who has just completed the Course. I hope this will encourage you to study the Ogham: Tree Spirit I stand … Continue reading

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The Rune Nauthiz

Whenever I work with Nauthiz there seems to be an explosion. Nauthiz is sandwiched between the runes Hagalaz (Hail storm) and Isa (Frozen Ice). These three dread runes are the start of the second Aett – the second group of … Continue reading

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Runes Books to Read

It is difficult to recommend books on the runes because most writers perceive the runes through the framework of their particular spiritual path, with both benefits and limitations of that path. And many are fairly low-consciousness in the way they … Continue reading

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