Venus Superior Conjunction and The Solar Eclipse of October 2014 – Innana’s Descent into the Underworld



Venus moves to exact conjunction with the Sun tomorrow on 25th October 2014, and Venus was of course caught up in the energies of the dark moon eclipse of 23rd October 2014.

My Sun is in Libra (in both western and Vedic Astrology) so with this eclipse in Libra, the energies were horrendous for me. (see chart for eclipse below)



The ancient Sumerians had the understanding that this is part of the story of Inanna’s descent into the underworld. For them, Venus was Inanna the great Goddess of Heaven and Earth.

At the superior conjunction (happening on October 25th) Inanna has died at the hands of her sister, Erishkigal and is hung on a meat hook in the underworld. On her downward descent Inanna had to pass through seven gates (same as chakras possibly) and had to remove a piece of her clothing at each gate, so when she reaches the bottom and faced her dark sister she is naked, bare and is dead to her old self, about to be reunited with the source of all life, the sun, in order to be reborn. She will re-emerge as an evening star on December 4.

In the horrendous eclipses recently, where the Moon has been caught up in the ever-closing conjunction of Uranus and Ketu (south node of the Moon) in the heavens. This powerful excoriating conjunction becomes exact on January 29th we have been dragged like Inanna through the underworld, especially if we are sensitive or if our personal planets are caught up in the eclipses.

In this time of dark descent, we are called to lovingly bring to the light our dark sides. Saturn has been in the Vedic sign of Libra for two and a half years and leaves it on November 3rd, so the pressure has been on us to sort out and heal our relationship scripts. Now, in our underworld journey we are being called to give up false uses of our talents, sacrifice unskilful uses of our mind, abandon our nasty scripts in relationship.  Inanna’s descent strips her bare. But her in her subsequent ascent back up through the seven gates she regains and is renewed.

Note that I mentioned the closing Uranus – Ketu (south node of the Moon) conjunction culminating at the end of January and caught up in these eclipses. This Uranus – Ketu conjunction is a horrendous energy, so sharp, so full of surprises and revelations, but it has great potential for us to create positive revolution and sort out so many facets of our life, relationship and work. However it can be death for others.

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eclipse 23.10.14

eclipse 23.10.14

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