Vargottama : The special destiny when a planet is in the same sign in the birth chart and Navamsha chart

Vargottama is the state of a planet when it is in the same sign in your Vedic birth chart as in your Navamsha soul/marriage chart. What destiny does this create for you?

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

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What is the Navamsa chart? What does it mean in your life?

Vedic astrologers regard the Navamsa chart as the horoscope of the soul and a guide to marriage. It is the 9th Harmonic chart of Vedic Astrology.

So, your Vedic natal chart or rashi chakra is the birth chart for your current incarnation, whereas your Navamsa chart gives you information as to where your soul got to in your previous life, and to the destiny it lived out then, and also how it evolved through previous existences.

The Navamsha chart is therefore a key to the aspirations of your soul this time.

Maybe we were strong in our previous life, so incarnated with a weak Sun this time so as to have that chance to grow. Maybe we reached high spiritual development last time so chose a difficult incarnation this time.

When a planet is in the same sign in both the navamsa and the rashi chakra, it is in a state called VARGOTTAMA. The Shri Jyoti Vedic astrology program shows the planet emboldened in the Navamsha chart if it is Vargottama.

Usually, the planet gains in strength because there is a good flow of energy from the soul (Navamsa) to this particular life time (rashi chakra) and the Vargottama calls attention to this. When a planet is strong (in its own sign or exalted) in the navamsa, it also gains in strength in the rashi chakra, i.e. in this life time.

BUT if the planet is weak in the navamsa this will also weaken the planet in the rashi chakra. If the planet is disadvantaged, the Vargottama status will reinforce the fact of your karmic challenge: for example if the planet is in a sign where the planet has its fall, or unless it is Gandanta: e.g. If Mars is vargottama, Mars will function better, unless Mars is placed in Cancer, which is the sign of Mars’ fall, in which case the problems are highlighted.

As a second example, if the Moon is in Cancer in your natal chart, this it is favourable for you, because the Moon is in her own sign. BUT if in the Moon is fallen in Scorpio (the sign of her fall) in the Navamsa, or in the twelfth house in the Navamsa, then the Moon in the birth chart will be hindered in this life.

Case Examples:

Chart Michael Vedic Natal

Chart Michael Vedic Natal







Michael Navamsa chart

Michael Navamsa chart

I have both Sun and Moon Vargottoma. The Guru in my earlier Vedic astrology Course said he had never met someone who had both Sun and Moon Vargottama, and he said he would ask his guru about it.

The point is this IS double Vargottoma of both the luminaries. It points to a destiny or fate or karma that I would be abandoned by both parents as a chosen karmic necessity.

The divine purpose in this fate of birth into homelessness, abandonment, institutionalisation and near total dereliction was that I should experience abandonment and de-valuation, so that I could make the slow and painful growth in this lifetime to achieve a sense of personal value and to learn about the quality of nurture.
You’ll see that Ketu is in the 4th House of Mother and roots in my birth chart and is also conjunct a rashi sandhi (edge of sign) most deeply fallen Sun in Libra, and my Moon is Gandanta at 29 Pisces 55. You’ll see that my Moon is Gandanta at the very end of a Water sign near the transition into Fire. So my Moon is both Nakshatra Gandanta and Tithi Gandanta. Moon is also my Atmakaraka.

L, Case 2, has Saturn, Lord of Karma as Vargottama. What fate could that is declaring? What can Vargottama Saturn mean?

Case 2: L Natal Chart (Rashi)

Case 2: L Natal Chart (Rashi)







Case 2, L : Navamsa Chart

Case 2, L : Navamsa Chart

Saturn is in Scorpio in her birth chart. Saturn in Scorpio has a reputation for health problems and subjection to ‘mistreatment’ but shrewd analytical skills. Saturn in 4th House is restrictive home/mothering and also health problems. Saturn is Pitri Karaka or father indicator. Saturn has been transiting through Scorpio since November 3rd. What will emerge?

Sometimes the Sidereal Symbol for the degree occupied by a planet can be such good guidance. Manik Jain gives the Sidereal Symbol for the degree occupied by Saturn in this birth chart as Scorpio 14°: DEGREE OF DISTRACTION, SYMBOL:   ‘A lad pouring water into a sieve instead of a large jug, and watching two others fighting.

Denotes one whose mind is disposed to wander and be detracted by the events of the moment. He needs to con­centrate and to fight against the scattering of his thoughts. Ability he has, and can do well enough if he will attend to one thing at a time. The tendency is to lose by careless­ness what he earns by labour. This degree seems to be an unfortunate one, but the form it will take is largely depends on the planet situated there.’

Case 3 M has Moon Vargottoma (but Gandanta) and Jupiter Vargottoma (but Fallen in Capricorn – and reflecting mother issues, in the 4th house).

Case 3 : M birth chart (Rashi)

Case 3 : M birth chart (Rashi)







Case 3 : M : Navamsa chart

Case 3 : M : Navamsa chart

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7 Responses to Vargottama : The special destiny when a planet is in the same sign in the birth chart and Navamsha chart

  1. grunkern says:

    Reblogged this on RAW and commented:

    Great Post Michael Conneely, covering insights into the Vedic Astrology Model.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you Michael for this explanation of Vargottama. I believe your analysis of the Navamsha as our previous karmic status is spot on! I would love to hear your insight in an article on pushkara navamsha/bhaga.

    Also, if your readers are interested, I found M.C Jain’s book on Sidereal Degree Symbology in ebook form under the title “Zodiacal Symbology And Its Planetary Power” by Isidore Kozminsky. Wonderful stuff!

    Many Blessings

  3. Julia Michas says:

    Hello! Thank you for your fascinating post. Does vargottama also occur with Rahu and Ketu if they occupy the same sign in the natal and D9 charts? If Rahu is debilitated in both, what would be the consequence?

  4. starwheel says:

    Dear Julia, Vargottoma definitely applies in the case of debilitated planets. Vargottoma involves the sending and reception of very special spiritual methods from soul to incarnated self. Of course in the case of debilitaiton, the circumstances where these messages are received and processed are more challenging though of course certainly no less transformative. The whole analysis of the messages your soul is sending you from Navamsha to rashi/natal chart is called Rashi Tulya using a defined set of criteria for the number of signs difference from Navamsha to Rashi. It is such an important part of the Vedic natal chart reading. Thank you Michael

  5. Hope says:

    Hello, thank you for this precise explanation of vargottama. In my chart vargottama is venus ketu conjunction in aries which is exactly on 10 house cusp. Do you have any idea what would this mean?

  6. Akash says:

    IF NEECH GRAM VARGOTTAM IN BOTH D1 AND D9 what is the result and if vargottam grah in trik bhaav than?

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