Friendship in your Birth Chart

friendsFriendship in the Vedic Birth chart

Friendship is a crucial issue in all our lives. But what are your life-script for the issue of Friendship?  Using the Sidereal Zodiac, Vedic Astrology is always very sure and accurate in its declaration. Here is a summary of the analysis technique to be used:

11th House is the house of Socialization, friendship orientated to goals

3rd House is the house of friends in the sense of cooperative activities

2nd House is the house of close personal friends who we hold dear to us: Eating, talking, socializing.

Natally: for indication of your life scripts for each of these very different types of friendship, look at the ruler (and occupants) of these houses.

Predictively: For indication of how friendships and friendship issues will go in your life, look at activations of ruling and occupant planets of these three houses by transit or Dasa.

Nakshatras: In terms of the wonderful 27-sign lunar zodiac of Vedic Astrology, the Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni is very orientated to a network of friends. Check the standing of the ruler (the Sun) and occupants, and any predictive activation, for example transits to natal Sun and Sun Dasa/sub-periods.

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