Astrology Forecast April 2015

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Here are some Astrology keynotes from Michael Conneely for the Month of April 2015. Although my readings exceptionally combine Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology, this ‘April Forecast’ simply draws on Western Astrology, and just picks out the most crucially affected signs and planets, the retrograde planets, the eclipse of 4th April and the Moon Phases.

Aries: Coming soon after the Eclipse of March 20th, we notice immediately there are an exceptional four planets in the western astrology sign of Aries on the first day of April 2015:  Mercury 2 deg, South Node (Ketu) 10 deg, Sun 11 deg, Uranus 16 deg.

So we start off the month of April with a hurricane warning. There will be  violent, impatient, sudden even melt-down energy experienced by those with Sun or planets in their birth chart at around 11 Aries.
I know a couple of people with Sun around this degree who also have Mars in Aries, and the word ‘irate’ immediately comes to mind! Other suitable words would be ‘explosive’ or ‘driven’, and those with planets around 11 Aries, can expect major sudden change, including breakthrough insights, even melt-downs. Seriously though: don’t catastrophize. Don’t give in to the easy cataclysm of breakdown and breakup!

And I mention people with Mars in Aries here because actually the planet Mars has already been transiting through the sign of Aries all the preceding month of March 2015 – all the month previous, making these people angry and driven and even dangerous. Mars transited from 6 deg Aries on 1st March to 0 deg Taurus on 1st April.

Are the rest of us safe?

And what about people like me with three planets in charming, nice Libra which are exactly opposite the April Aries holocaust??? How safe are we?

Seriously though, the very great imperative for people affected by these violent energies of April 2015 is to stand back and observe the play of events. Observe the rage of feelings; observe the race of the mind. You are not your emotions. You are not the chatter of your mind. Stand back. Practise daily meditation. Don’t engage. Count to ten! The way to handle the energies is to note them, discover their crucial message for us in our lives, use them as important sign pointers so that we can do the work we are here on earth to do, value them so that we can make the achievements we are here on earth to do, but don’t engage with them blindly. Don’t get sucked in. Detach. Observe. Honour them. See where they are pointing to! Aim to remind yourself to develop clear objective vision all this month.

In the realm of mundane affairs, Aries sun signs should keep life very simple in April. They should only attempt the minimum of projects. In loving relationships, be careful not to bring about breakup. Keep calm!

Taurus: Venus and Mars are transiting through the sign of Taurus in April 2015. Mars starts the month at 0 deg Taurus and ends it at 22 Taurus. Venus starts the month off at 18 Taurus, enters Gemini on 12th April and ends April at 22 Gemini. But remember, Venus and Mars are not a good combination. Their energy together is steamy and even irate. Venus seeks love and harmony. Mars is a warrior. Venus is a benefic; Mars is a malefic. Malefics are not good for relationships; they are good for getting things done. The Venus and Mars relationship is not friendly; it’s more a case of neutral at best. So Taureans can expect arguments in love for the first third of April, and disharmonious release of tensions in the second third. Again, the key thing is to expect this, be detached from it, and share closely with loving partner. In work and finance, take it steady.

Scorpios (and people with planets in the later degrees of Libra) are having a generally tense time all 2015. This is because the North Node (Rahu) is transiting in early Libra (it retrogrades from 10 deg to 8 deg Libra this month) and because they have Saturn the other side of them retrograding very slowly (and therefore powerful in its effects) from 4 deg to 3 deg Sagittarius. In other words, their Libra planets are hemmed in by malefics.

Capricorns however are having a good time. They are being offered long-delayed empowerment and positive transformation, especially if they have Sun around 15 deg Capricorn, where the planet Pluto is transiting this month.

Neptune moves from 8 deg to 9 deg Pisces, bringing big transformations to the Virgo sun signs opposite. Positively these Virgoans are experiencing the Neptune energy as sensitively, vision and intuition, but if their level of consciousness is not high enough, they will experience this energy as illusion, confusion, denial, lies or even alcohol.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer transits from 19 deg to 20 deg Pisces, strongly affecting you if you have your Sun or other major planet in that part of Pisces, or the part of Leo opposite this.  How Chiron affects our lives depends very much on whether we resist its influences or we try to work with its energies. Chiron acts to open up wounds in the parts of our lives and of our psyches that it touches, and then Chiron asks us to work on healing them. Initially, these Chiron transits can make us feel weakened or ineffective so that we learn what is keeping us wounded as the transit progresses. This gives us the chance to heal ourselves.

Having mentioned the key signs and planets for April 2015, let’s turn to make a note of Retrograde planets for April 2015:

Jupiter is retrograde from 09 Dec 2014 to 09 Apr 2015 at 12 deg Leo this month. When Jupiter is retrograde, we are called to question the adequacy of our spiritual teachings and our spiritual teachers. We ask questions about our own creativity and enlargement and self-expression. Once Jupiter turns direct, we put our new-found questioning into constructive manifestation.

Saturn is Retrograde from 4 deg to 3 deg Sagittarius this month, retrograding from 14 Mar 2015 to 02 Aug 2015. Saturn retrograde makes us reorganise our foundations and structures. Define your boundaries. Commit where you should. Say ‘No’ where you need to do that.

Pluto is Retrograde   17 Apr 2015 to 25 Sep 2015 at 15 deg Capricorn. When Pluto is retrograde, we are compelled to eliminate and release what is old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives. We can bottom out and then arise reborn! At this time our powers of regeneration are increased and we are better able to bring healing to physical and psychological illnesses that have been affecting us.

Moon Phase:
Full Moon on 4th April 2015 at 12.06pm at 14 deg Libra. It is a partial Lunar Eclipse in UK. Most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia will be able to see the eclipse.
New Moon on 18th April 2015 at 28 Aries.

So, I hope these few notes on the western astrology of April 2015 will be helpful, practical and empowering.

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