Hurrah!!! Change at last : Wednesday, April 8th

Druid Aed FireWednesday, April 8th: Breakthrough!

Mercury square Pluto
Mercury conjunct Uranus
Jupiter in Leo stations direct

At last Jupiter ends his retrograde. From now to July he shares special blessings. Guru energy flows freely again. This comes after a period so far in 2015 of taking stock and evaluation of our philosophies and our teachers.

Mercury conjoining Uranus today is a breakthrough time for mind and communications. (Does this mean something will happen at last and our family will get our internet working at home after nearly three weeks without it???)

And because of the Uranus – Pluto square transiting in the heavens at this time, Mercury is affected by that too and a gateway should now open for all of us to purge us of the darker material that may have been filling our minds.

Now is the time to move forwards – not cling to the dead bones of our past.

The Eclipse of April 4th filled our consciousness (to what degree depends on how the planets of the Eclipse relate to the planets of our natal chart).

The things that were activated then will actually surface quickly due to the short period of the eclipse. So for many, quite a bit of the processing will have taken until today to integrate. Things always take time to process. But now’s the time for moving on. There’s good energy from April the 8th!

Eclipses can be times of deep undoing, especially as this one combined Ketu the South Node of the Moon and Uranus: a combination for sudden huge clarity or shocking insight or New Era innovation. This energy offers us the force to untangle our psychic knots, to solve our deep lifelong mysteries. Friendships that weren’t good for us will end now.

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