Gary O’Toole ‘Cosmic Bodies’: The Ayurvedic Astrology Guide to Exercise and Well Being: Learn how to exercise for you mind-body type.

cover Gary O'Toole Cosmic BodiesI have just bought a copy of Irish Vedic Astrologer Gary O’Toole’s excellent, thorough and accessible newly published book.
It’s called Cosmic Bodies: The Ayurvedic Astrology Guide to Exercise and Well Being: Learn how to exercise for you mind-body type.
I do look forward to posting some bits that catch my eye as I read through the book.

This is such a good book both for fitness followers, Healers and people interested in astrology.

I am so impressed at his accessibility and the thorough applicability of his models of ‘biological humours’, ‘body types’, ‘ascertain your constitution’, ‘a questionnaire to ascertain air, fire and water types’, the Ayurvedic nature of each of the planets, the ‘five winds’, and more.
There’s a very valuable section on how to estimate health strengths or weaknesses in your body parts through analysis of the planets and signs in your Vedic birth chart. I immediately picked out one point so valuable for me personally: the effect of having a weak sun on your spine, and what to do about it: the dangers of doing nothing on the one hand, but also the dangers of over-compensating and thus stressing your body on the other hand.

He is really good on the issues of planets and time periods and days of the week too. Goodness what a wonderful book.

One thing that appalled me in the book, though, is that he says that people with my Moon sign need to do exercise! Grrrrrrr!
Available from Amazon UK, US and Eire.

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