Blog Psychodynamic Astrology Readings 2 – Nature versus Nurture – How does this affect Love in your Life?

Great value can be received from an Astrology reading that includes psychodynamic Astrology.

One of the techniques of psychodynamic astrology is to interpret what your nature is and then compare this to a statement of the effect of your nurture.

What are we? Are we our nature? or are we the result of our nurture?

In astrology, the chart of our nature is the birth chart often called the ‘Radix chart’. The chart of our nurture is the House chart.

In our Radix or birth chart, note that the signs areof equal size. This is because ‘planets in signs’ are deemed to be our nature: our inherited nature.

In our House chart, however, note that by contrast the houses are of equal size. This is because houses show the effect of our environment in our life, and of all our environments, our earliest environment or our ‘nurture’ is of course the key influence overlying our nature.

Sometimes our ‘nurture’ or our upbringing (especially our earliest upbringing), improves what our nature offers us.

But other times we find that our nurture/upbringing skews what we are away from our nature, sometimes in a terribly difficult and major way.

In my astrology readings, I include a nature versus nurture analysis.

In our example, this person has a romantic and visionary Neptune-Venus aspect in their birth chart which is their nature. See chart 1 below. Venus is a prime indicator for love in your life.

However, as you can see from this person’s House Chart which is the chart of nurture/upbringing (chart 2, below), this person’s earliest environment has brought Venus into an angry impatient square (90 deg aspect) with Uranus. Not good: Uranus tends to soar above relationships, always wanting the new. In mythology, Uranus ate his children.

In fact it is very helpful insight to have your birth chart and your House chart compared. This way you can be shown  how they will make you live your life.

The comparison is done in terms of modalities (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and also Elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). Chart 3, below,  is the comparison Table for the person described in this example.

As you can see from the Table, this person has been made far Cardinal: far more impatient (for love and to be noticed) than is their nature.
They have also been made to dig their heels in (more Fixed).
And they have been made unconfident about trying out anything different from their habitual patterns (mutability reduced).
Their Fire has been put out and their Water increased leaving them to dwell in hurt sensitivity but also become a lot more sensitive and psychic.

‘Nature versus Nurture’ issues need to be made clear, and their meaning needs to be understood, if we are to heal our lives. It is as simple as that

Trained astrological guidance on this sort of thing is invaluable. Of course it has to be expert and it has to be positive and empowering.

It can be coupled with counselling sessions. Or it can be healed by releasing bodily held distress which the existence of these cut off planets in your birth chart points to. An example of a healing approach is Maggie Pashley at and clearing your heart blocks to love:

Contact me for an Astrology Reading. I offer uniquely valuable readings which actually combine western and Vedic Astrology, and can be a natal Chart Reading, a prediction or a Relationships reading.

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Chart 1: Birth Chart or ‘Radix’ = Naturechart michael huber radix PPP

Chart 2: House Chart of Nurture/Environment:
chart michael huber House Chart PPP

Table: Nature versus Nurture assessment:
chart michael huber dynamic counting table PPP

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