Rahu – Moon dasa is tough!

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon

My Rahu – Moon – Ketu Dasa (Vedic Predictive Period) was such catastrophic and difficult enlightenment for me, essentially feeling my adoptive mother betrayed me, and realising my shreds of (adoptive) family are malign or harmful, and facing the question what do you do about this?

I am now in the next Dasa: Rahu-Moon-Venus. Could I be forgiven for saying that I will not be sad when Rahu – Moon ends on 31st October????

My partner, Maggie’s Rahu – Moon Dasa ends 3.1.2016.

Her Rahu – Moon – Ketu Dasa is 6/8 to 7/9

She can do it!!!!

The planetary energies arriving to us are ever-changing. Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury moved into Punarvasu nakshatra yesterday.

I imagine the dust will settle and we’ll start to move from shock, intensity overwhelm, into deeper understanding and release over the coming days.

With the Perception of Vedic Astrology and also mantra and healing techniques, the resources are there. We have some tools for navigating our challenges.

Yes to movement and growth!

So much of navigating our power (or our karmas for that matter) comes down to awareness and choice. That’s the brilliance of having Vedic Astrology, but also being willing to face dark and light as though they are both valuable and necessary.

Our willingness to face fear will prove to be a strengthening of our inner power.

Healing techniques and vision work all help us be courageous and walk the edge- trusting we will come through it with great wisdom.

Underneath anger is great passion and passion is power – power to become our essence.

We need to regularly pause to check out and be attentive to our emotional body. Take time to check out our inner state, then check: is our outer persona aligned to that???

Trust yourself. Trust yourself to make choices and then to redirect and make a different choice if necessary. That’s your consciousness and power in action. That’s how we make change.

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    This rings true for me too, very insightful post on Vedic Astrology periods and consequences

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