When does the Sun enter my Sign? Sun Ingress Dates. Equinox and Solstice Dates

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

When does the Sun enter my Sign?

People often ask this question. Here is a helpful Table showing the dates of western astrology ‘Sun Ingresses’ into the twelve Signs:

Sign               2015                      2016               2017            Equinox/Solstice
Aquarius      Jan 20 09:43       20 15:27        19 21:23
Pisces           Feb 18 23:50        19 05:34        18 11:31
Aries             Mar 20 22:45      20 04:30       20 10:28     Vernal Equinox
Taurus          Apr 20 09:41       19 15:29        19 21:27
Gemini          May 21 08:44     20 14:36        20 20:30
Cancer          Jun 21 16:37        20 22:34        21 04:24     Summer Solstice
Leo                Jul 23 03:30        22 09:30       22 15:15
Virgo            Aug 23 10:37        22 16:38        22 22:20
Libra            Sep 23 08:20       22 14:21         22 20:01     Autumn Equinox
Scorpio        Oct 23 17:46        22 23:45        23 05:26
Sagittarius   Nov 22 15:25       21 21:22        22 03:04
Capricorn     Dec 22 04:48      21 10:44        21 16:28      Winter Solstice

Time Zones:
To adjust the times for your timezone, add or subtract the number of hours your timezone is from 0 UT.
So if you live in the western hemisphere (e.g. Americas) you would subtract the number of hours of your time zone difference from London UK from the time shown on the table.
If you live  the eastern hemisphere (e.g. Australia), add the number hours of the time difference to the time shown in the table.

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