Prepare for a new challenge to manifest the best in love

Mars 4All Change: Venus, Mars and Rahu the North Node of the Moon:
Venus conjuncts Mars on November 3rd 2015
Venus enters the Vedic sign of Virgo (Nov 3rd until Nov. 30, 2015)
Mars enters Vedic Virgo (Nov 3rd until Dec. 24, 2015).
Venus and Mars is quite a fiery energy, together, so we have to remember through the storms that it is a higher form of love that we should be aiming for.
Also – think how each of these planets stand in dignity in the sign of Virgo
Also – think what this energy will do in your individual Vedic birth chart.
And also remember, Rahu is coming to the end of his Vedic Virgo retrograde: He will be at 6 Virgo on November 3rd.
So, Rahu enters Vedic Leo on 9th January 2016, whereupon Guru Chandala Yoga is created in the consciousness of the world, when we will need to take special measures because although Rahu will make the manifestation of our Jupiter more expansive, he will also sully Jupiter’s purity with the risk of driven or compulsive energies and dark associations.

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