25th December 2015: Full Moon

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

The Full Moon is on 25.12.2015, at 11.11 am, in UK at 3 deg Cancer in western astrology.

Full Moon is in Vedic Gemini:

Sun in Mula Nakshatra (ruled by Ketu); Moon in Ardra (ruled by Rahu). This nodal activation, combined with Venus in Scorpio, will see karmic fated developments for people with planets in this axis, and everyone should take it easy at the time of this fated Full Moon on 25th December. Peace, carefulness and compassion are the key virtues here! The Moon, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are all in dual signs, and thus aspecting each other, and this further enhances the potential for karmic manifestations in our life at this time!

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About starwheel

I am an experienced and highly qualified astrologer, combing both Western and Vedic astrology. I offer birth chart interpretation, prediction, and understand your child astrology as well as relationship astrology. I also teach many worldwide distance learning astrology courses in both western and vedic astrology, complete with webinars. I also offer powerful, learned and caring worldwide distance teaching courses linked to healing modalities in the Ogham, the Runes, the ancient Irish Druid Path and shamanic healing. My visionary earthspirituality novels are available on Amazon. They are: Druid, Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki, Munay Ki Protection and my spiritual guide book: The Backpackers Guide to the new spirituality 2014. you can email me at michaelconneely@googlemail.com or phone me on 077 – 992 – 96821. My websites include: www.mastervedicastrology.com www.starwheelastrology.com, www.earthstarweb.com and www.druidforestschool.com www.rune-path.com and www.inspirationalnovels.org.
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