Saturn and Mars Retrograde: What happens now? watch out for signs

Michael burnsall crop bestSaturn has been retrograde in the heavens since 25th March. It’s retrograde until 13th August 2016, in the intense Vedic sign of Scorpio.

The house in your vedic birth chart shows where you will feel the effects most.

The rare extra event this year is that Mars is alongside Saturn for a record five months. And Mars too goes retrograde from 17th April, bringing a lot of activity & unexpected events in life for you.

Moreover, Saturn & Mars Conjunction, as well as Saturn Retrogression, is taking place in the same sign of intense, hurt Scorpio for nearly 5 months – something to watch out for!

Don’t start risky new projects while Saturn remains in retrograde. Be careful.

Saturn, Lord Sani (pictured below), is Lord of our Karma and destiny, so what happens now will point you to your new future and new immediate path ahead.

sade sate image 4Take calming action to cope with the danger and heat of the Saturn Mars conjunction transiting in the heavens now. Be aware of your mind. Manage your mind. 

The decisions arising from this time could prove quite life-transforming. For a powerful expert reading that combines western astrology with Vedic Astrology, see: 

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