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Michael Conneely – Esteemed Enlightened Astrologer

Michael Conneely Astrologer Michael is one of the few Astrologer’s I have met that integrates both Western and Vedic Astrology Models. Michael’s own training and grounding in Astrology are unparalleled. Michael is also a healer, which helps enormously with understanding … Continue reading

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Now is a good time to join the Druid Forest School

Enrol Now: Prepare for Samhain 2014 Now is a good time to enrol on the Festivals Course of the Druid Forest School: to get ready for the start of the Ancient Irish Festivals Year. As a build-up to the first … Continue reading

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Why People Learn the Ogham, the Druid Celtic Tree Alphabet

  Here is a personal testimony from Sharon Baker in Australia, and her first Ogham Journey with Michael Conneely’s Ogham Pathways Course: I have kickstarted an exploration and love of many cultures the biggest being a strong connection to Ireland and the culture … Continue reading

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Druid Novel by Michael Conneely: A new Review by By Anne Lee, Washington State, USA 

I just received this Review posted on Amazon about my Novel Druid – thank you to Anne Lee in Washington State USA: This is an epic adventure that’s actually the author’s life story which makes it even more compelling. I … Continue reading

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Some Discussion points on following the Druid Path today

Here are some thoughts about issues we encounter in following the Druid Path today. These are from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA, and are well worth sharing about: 1. How can the Druid heritage act as a gateway to our … Continue reading

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Can the Druid Path take back Croagh Patrick?

The questions Ogham Journeying raise accurately challenge me.  Ogham journeying is a type of Rorschach Test revealing values, ideals and conflict – it takes well trained eyes to sort out epiphanies! The Dagda is the Irish equivalent to the Roman … Continue reading

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does the modern Druid Path make it too easy for people too full of ego to lead druid groups?

I suppose part of the various inspirations when I was writing my novel, Druid, was that I personally was in a reactive state more about another problem modern Druidry has in moving forward and being a genuinely enlightening spiritual route … Continue reading

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