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Sacred Sweat Lodge program

There will be regular Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony at Boston Spa in Yorkshire (between Harrogate, Leeds-Bradford Airport and York). There is a caring family atmosphere and commitment to a genuine spiritual path of power, beauty and transformaiton. Here is a … Continue reading

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There is an eclipse on Friday 18th October – and I am holding a Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony amid it.

Eclipses and Sweat Lodge – similar energy! Here in UK it’s at 23.37 hours on Friday Evening. It’s an eclipsed Full Moon. The Sun is at 25 degrees Libra; the Moon is at 25 degrees Aries. Eclipses are about releasing … Continue reading

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We are holding Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony on Saturday 19th October from 11am to 7pm in Boston Spa. This Sacred Ceremony is offered by the MunayKiEmpowerment support group. The Lodge Keeper is Paul Heaton who worked with the Deer Tribe, … Continue reading

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Can anyone let us know about some land for holding sacred sweat lodge ceremony near Ilkley???

We are wanting to hold Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony on some land near Ilkley: a garden or a suitable piece of land. Does anyone know a piece of land??? Please listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgz7Xy-NhDw&context=C46cabbaADvjVQa1PpcFMzt165DH_kgQz02bIKZ0VyDmVkP9PImP0= email michael@starwheel.co.uk. Thank you.

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