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The Winter Solstice 2012 and Levels of Consciousness

The moment of the exact alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun to Galactic Centre was 21.12.2012 at 11.03hrs. This was foreseen and predicted by the Mayan Astrologer priests and the Mayan Long Count Calendar ended that day. The Earth was … Continue reading

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Kundalini Initiation and Self Realisation Course

Saturday, May 10th, Steven Sadlier will be leading a Kundalini Initiation via teleconference to people all over the world. It’s free. You just dial in and find a quiet place to sit and Steven will guide you, 1 hr with … Continue reading

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Steven Sadlier’s Kundalini Meditation course

I sincerely recommend you enrol on Steven Sadlier’s Kundalini Meditation course. It is genuinely, genuinely life-changing – and there’s a new course starting up soon. Steven provides distance energy transmissions and meditation courses online to develop Samadhi, super-consciousness and enlightenment. For thirty … Continue reading

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